About us

Searching for the perfect pair of shoes for my daughter, I started designing and sewing boots made of natural sheepskin in the autumn, 2016. After a lot of sweat and tears, I came up with the perfect design. This is the beginning of the history of our brand.

Today we sew for children from one to five years old, trying to launch models for adults as well. Each pair is unique and made with great love, passion and care. For our collections, we use Italian leather and suede, which were manufactured in accordance with the ICEC environmental certificate. All our products are certified and absolutely safe.

Our collections are designed in Moscow, made in a small leather Atelier in Kirov and Kaliningrad. Some time ago, we also added unique items that we believe complement the brand's aesthetic and mood.

We are the first company in Russia that made a whole line of popular fabrics - cotton muslin. Now we have our own sewing shop in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

Creating something for children that I would dress my daughter in is a real pleasure. This is a mission that charges and inspires new ideas, and the boundless interest from moms makes it clear that we are on the right path.

Maria Zaitseva,
the founder of the company TwinkleStories


TWINKLESTORIES ™ Winner of the Golden Spindle award
in the category "Children's clothing".