Twinkle Original Wood boots of natural sheepskin 25-30 OR0027

Twinkle Original Wood boots of natural sheepskin 25-30 OR0027

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Our famous children's boots TWINKLE ORIGINAL.
The boots made of natural sheepskin leather have a unique cut, they were created specifically for children, so they will suit even feet with a high rise. Our convenient velcro closure makes it easy to put boots on a baby, thanks to the reliable fixation our boots do not fall off of feet. The lightweight sole has a deep relief that prevents slipping, it bends easily and does not restrain ankles movement at the same time.

TWINKLE ORIGINAL Boots are two-layered (a layer of leather and fur with  facing made of natural suede), this allows the boot to keep its shape better, prevents of cold air and moisture. Factory water repellency treatment, however, we advise you to follow the care instructions. The removable insole will help you determine the size by simply matching it to the baby's foot. In this model, we also use high-strength nylon threads for edge processing. Sole with reinforced anti-slip tread. Ideal for both boys and girls. 

What are the differences between the 2019/2020 collection?
We have expanded our size range!
Yes, Yes, now our boots range from 20 to 30 size.

- boots have a significant difference in height compared to our previous model, which means even more fur, even better fixation on feet
- velcro has become much wider, higher, more reliable, double-stitched. Now the sticky layer goes along the entire height of the boot and along the entire width to the back seam
- added reflective elements for safer walks in winter dark evenings
- three universal colors: Stone (gray with a light greenish-blue tint), Wood (dark brown) and Walnut (reddish-brown walnut)

The optimal margin to the foot is 0.5-1 cm

20 s - 13 cm - 13 cm
21 s - 13,5 cm - 13 cm
22 s - 14 cm - 13 cm
23 s- 14,5 cm - 13 cm
24 s - 15 cm - 14 cm
25 s - 16 cm - 14 cm
26 s  - 17 cm - 14 cm
27 s - 17,5 cm - 15 cm
28 s - 18 cm - 15 cm
29 s -18,5 cm - 16 cm
30 s - 19 cm - 16 cm

*All our boots are handmade, the color of the fur may differ from the one shown in the picture in some cases.
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