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Muslin garland "Flags" 200 cm GR0032

Muslin garland "Flags" 200 cm GR0032


When you turn into the eco road there is no turning back! The amount of plastic consumed is frightening, so packing vegetables in your own containers in the store no longer seems something shameful, and then you take away coffee only in your own thermocup! This all is already included in the everyday life of a person with a conscious consumption, if you are like this then our new product Muslin garland "Flags" is for you.

👌 the most environmentally friendly material and production

👌 safe for children and the environment

👌 reusable decorations that will find its use all year round

👌 easy to wash

👌 great idea for a gift

👌 support for zerowaste production and lifestyle

  • Цвет: топленое молоко, марсала
  • Размер: 200 см
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